Mr. M Badiuzzaman is a versatile and experienced business professional with extensive knowledge and networking capacity to revolutionize business decision-making in international trade, commerce and the finance industry.

He is a proficient businessman involved with local and overseas companies in Bangladesh and Singapore. His business affiliations are as following:

  • Chairman, Advance Homes Pvt. Ltd. Bangladesh (Residential and Commercial Real-Estate Development and Consultancy in Bangladesh)
  • Partner, Advance Corporation, Bangladesh (Export-Import and Commodity Trading in Bangladesh)
  • Chairman, Strategic Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. (Importer and Consultancy Firm in Bangladesh)
  • Independent Director and Chairman of Audit Committee, Phoenix Insurance Company Ltd, Bangladesh
  • Chairman, Bangladesh-Singapore Investment & Technologies Ltd. (Technology and Development Project-based Company in Bangladesh)
  • Chairman, Bangladesh-Singapore Development Ltd. Bangladesh (Real-Estate Development & Sourcing Company in Bangladesh)
  • Managing Director, Tania International Pte Ltd. Singapore (Export-Import and trading of Commodities and Business Consultancy in Singapore since 1990)
  • Managing Director, Tania Development Pte. Ltd. Singapore (Commercial & Industrial Real Estate Management Company in Singapore since 2008)
  • Managing Director, Rajib Enterprises Pte. Ltd. Singapore (Food & Beverage and Publications Business in Singapore since 1989)
  • Sole Proprietor, Asia Pacific Realty Investment Service, Singapore (Project-based Consultancy Company in Singapore 2008)
  • Sole Proprietor, Aangan Fine Dining Restaurant, Singapore (Restaurant business since 1994 in Singapore)
  • Managing Editor, The Far Eastern Business Review, Singapore (International Business Publication since 2013 in Singapore)

Mr. M Badiuzzaman is a Graduate from Dhaka University and holds corporate/individual membership of Singapore Business Federation (SBF), Singapore, Textile & Fashion Federation (TAFF), Singapore, International Business Forum of Bangladesh (IBFB) and Real Estate and Housing Association of Bangladesh (REHAB).

Khandakar R. Amin is Bangladeshi origin American Citizen. He was born in Noakhali on 31st December 1956. He is a Bachelor Degree holder and a father of four children. He is running his business successfully both in America and Bangladesh for 25 years.

He is the proprietor of the following businesses in U.S.A. :

  • Father Reality Corporation
  • Surma Reality Corporation
  • Amin Reality Corporation
  • Hirapur Reality Corporation
  • Bombay Grill (Indian Restaurant)
  • Gandhi Place (Indian Restaurant)
  • Amin Indian Restaurant
  • Rosai Indian Restaurant
  • Indian Place

He is also the proprietor of the following businesses in Bangladesh: Hotel New York, Cafe New York, Amin CNG filling Station, Dhaka New York Agro Fisheries and Khandakar Tower. Mr. Amin is also involved in many social developments in Bangladesh and abroad.

Mr. Mohammed Jamil Iqbal is the founder and Chairman of Jamil Iqbal Ltd. which is one of the largest construction companies of Bangladesh. He is a successful NRB entrepreneur and investor. He is the chairman of Manor Trade and Divine Properties Ltd.

Mr. Iqbal is the proprietor of M/S. Md. Jamil Iqbal, J.I. Stone and the owner of many Crushing plants. He deals in exports and imports. He is used to import construction materials and machineries. Mr. Iqbal is the partner of Al Anood Perfumes Co. (LLC), Deira, Dubai, UAE.

Mr. Iqbal comes of a noble Muslim family of Beanibazar, Sylhet. Having obtained graduation he engaged himself in various types of business. He is the member of the Sylhet Chamber of Commerce and Industry. He is associated with various socioeconomic works.

Mr. Iqbal is a British Citizen. He is the highest Tax payer in Sylhet and received national award from the Government of the People's Republic of Bangladesh from assessment year 2007-08 to 2013-14 (07 years) at a stretch.

Mr. Mohammed Idrish Farazy the chairman of National Exchange Company, Italy; with his continuous succeeding contributions is known to have grown the seeds of remittance business in Italy.

He has obtained a Bachelor’s Degree in Business & Administration from the University of Bangladesh.

In 2006, in recognition to his outstanding and proficient contributions in world of Remittance Business he was awarded the Mother Teresa International award. Due to his continuous effort he was awarded the prestigious, Bangladesh Bank Remittance Award, in 2014 in recognition of highest remittance into Bangladesh in regards of National Exchange Company, Italy. He also ranked as a Commercially Important Person (CIP) for two consecutive years 2012-13 & 2013-14 by the Government of Bangladesh.

He has played a vastly important role in revolutionizing the Remittance Business Zone in Italy and all around the world; some of his other business affiliations are as follows:

  • Chairman, National Exchange Company S.R.L, Italy
  • Director, Farazy Hospital and Diagnostics Ltd., Bangladesh
  • Director, Popular Travels and Tours, Italy

Dato' Engr. Md. Ekramul Haque, aged 49, is a civil engineer by profession and the Group Managing Director of Taufika Group consisting BEL Construction Sdn Bhd, Taufika Engineering Co. Ltd, Taufika Energy Co. Ltd, Taufika Foods & Agro Ind. Ltd and Deltamerge Sdn Bhd.

He had obtained his engineering degree from Bangladesh and MBA from USA.

He possesses more than 26 years experiences in different business sectors of Bangladesh and Malaysia. His in depth knowledge and expertise in the management of large construction projects, development of telecommunication infrastructure, power generation plants, etc. have made Dato' Haque a successful entrepreneur.

Dato' Haque received the prestigious Malaysian Honour “DARJAH INDERA MAHKOTA PAHANG” which carries the title Dato', equivalent to Knight Commander of the most excellent order of the British Empire (KBE), commonly known as Sir. He also received Gold Medal (Consecutive year 2009-2010) awarded by Ishwar Chandra Vidyasagar and Lalon Academy for his achievement in business. He is also involved in several projects in community development and social welfare activities. He is the founder of few educational institutions which offer free education to under privileged children of Bangladesh.

Dato' Engr. Md. Ekramul Haque is a genuine businessman having vast experience in the line of business he is engaged in. He possesses excellent business acumen and the capability to run business. Beside Taufika Group, Dato' Haque is also the sponsor shareholder and Director of NRB Bank Limited, Bangladesh.

An astute entrepreneur, Mr Nafih Rashid Khan prides himself for being a primary part of the establishment, Deshi Group, since an early age. Its associate company, Bulk Trade International Ltd., is the largest trading house of fertilizer, fertilizer raw materials.

Based in Dubai, Mr Khan is an honourable NRB, the Director of the company Commodity First DMCC that trades agricultural commodities with parties all over the world and is also involved in operation of a fleet of Ocean going cargo vessels.

Mr Khan has duly completed his LLB (Hons.) from the University of Edinburgh, Scotland.