At the very outset, I would like to place on record my sincere gratitude to the Hon’ble Board of Directors and Shareholders for selecting me to head the Bank as Chairman. I immensely acknowledge the trust and confidence entrusted upon me that, under my leadership the bank will scale new heights, at a time when the global economy in general and the Banking Industry in particular is facing stiff competition and big challenges due to the paradigm shift taking place in global politics, enhanced use of Electronic & social media, uncertain oil future, negative impacts of global warming, restlessness in the middle East, to mention a few.

Despite the ongoing geo-political instabilities and Economic crises affecting the Banking sectors and market liquidity all around the globe, we are proudly steering the Bank in the right direction in the fourth year with rewarding Banking Business and encouraging Financial indicators, as one of the best amongst the fourth Generation Banks in the country, by strategically channelizing the Investment and remittances of the NRBs from across the globe into the economy of our country under the proactive guidance and supervision of the Bangladesh Bank, without whose unstinted support we could not have explored and achieved this far, in sustaining the macro economic development of our nation.

The bank’s vision, mission and goals are well directed towards fulfilling all its customers’ expectation by providing best value added products and services and playing a leading role in the prosperity and development, besides creating a high level confidence for the investment among the NRBs, the lifeline of the Migrants’ sponsored Banking system, offering them attractive returns and desired services, in alignment with the ‘values’ of the Bank, DIGIT (i.e. Dynamic, Innovative, Global, Integrity, Technocentric)

I am confident that, in the oncoming years, keeping pace with the ever changing Electronic and digital advancement, our Bank will be able to provide innovative products with customer friendly online, net banking and mobile banking facilities to tap more and more customers into our Banking network and strengthen the relationship through right solutions clubbed with professionalism in every activity and gradually increase the number of branches all over the nation & beyond, to support the overall economic development of our country and fulfil the dream Vision-2021 of our Hon’ble PM, to elevate Bangladesh as a MIDDLE INCOME NATION by 2021 and a DEVELOPED one by 2041, In Shaa Allah.

I would also like to make a special mention here about the Board of Directors & Shareholders who are spread all over the world and have decades of vast experience and expertise in the field of Financial Institutions and Banking industry besides successfully leading their own renowned businesses and, their specialized knowledge combined with proactive and invaluable suggestions, involvement and dedicated efforts and support, will no doubt help strengthen and fortify our Bank to surpass any hurdles that we may encounter.

While thanking the apex Bangladesh Bank for their guidance & encouragement, and going by the proverb, UNITED WE STAND, I earnestly appeal to all my Colleagues and dedicated Employees of the Bank to contribute their best through constructive suggestions, novel ideas and support, to enable our bank to scale new heights and achieve the objectives and Goals in a short span of time and maintain the standard second to none in the Bangladesh Banking Sector in the years to unfold.

Mr. Mohammed Mahtabur Rahman