Sustainable Finance

Sustainable Finance refers to any form of financial service integrating environmental, social and economic criteria into the business or investment decisions for the lasting benefit of both clients and society at large. Sustainable Financing contributes to Sustainable development and value creation in economic, environmental and social terms. In other words, one that ensures and improves economic efficiency, prosperity, and economic competitiveness both today and in the long-term, while contributing to protecting and restoring ecological systems, and enhancing cultural diversity and social well-being is Sustainable Finance.

Sustainable Finance approach in Bangladesh has primarily been driven by regulatory policies. The involvement of Bangladesh Bank (BB) promoted inclusive growth for attaining developmental goals and poverty reduction objectives of the Government. These initiatives are clearly linked to Sustainable Finance activities of the country. For Banking sector in Bangladesh, key areas of Sustainable Finance are Green Banking and CSR. However, activities of certain other sectors are clearly associated with the broad definition of 'Sustainable Finance'. These include Agricultural Credit, Financial Inclusion of underprivileged and rural people, Cottage, Micro and SME credit etc.

NRB Bank Ltd. adopted CSR and Green Banking practices and activitieswhich are the key areas of Sustainable Financefrom the very beginning of its journey. Each yearthe Bank contributes substantial amount towards CSR. Since 2017, we have started direct Green Financing in environment friendly Brick manufacturing projects. From the inception of our Bank, top priority sectors of lending include SME and Agricultural sector.

As a whole, we are committed towards establishing Sustainable Finance in the country through integrating Sustainability factors, i.e.environmental, socialand economic considerations into our coreBanking activities and services.

Green Financing under Sustainable Finance

Green Financing means financing in 'Eco-Friendly' projects which will help attaining objectives towards a healthy environment not only for the present generation but also for the future generation. Green Finance covers a wide range of financial initiatives and includes both Public and Private Finance. Green Finance involves the effective management of Environmental risks across the financial system. Major Green projects financed by Banks and other Financial Institutions in Bangladesh as per guideline of Bangladesh Bank include Renewable Energy, Energy Efficiency, Solid Waste Management, Liquid Waste Management, Alternative Energy, Fire Burnt Brick, Non Fire Block Brick, Recycling and Recyclable Product, Green Industry, Safety and Security of factory and others.

Agreement Signing with Bangladesh Bank:

Following immense importance of Green Financing in the country, Bangladesh Bank introduced different 'Refinancing Scheme' for the Banks against their financing towards diverse green products/projects. As part of our commitment towards a Green Economy we have signed following Participation Agreement with Bangladesh Bank under refinance scheme-

  • a) Refinancing Agreement under Green Transformation Fund (GTF): On February 09, 2017 we have signed Refinancing Agreement with Bangladesh Bank for facilitating access to finance in foreign exchange for all manufacturer-exporters in Export-oriented Textile & Textile Products, RMG and Leather Goods Manufacturing Industries to import capital machineries and accessories relevant to environment-friendly/green attributes specified by Bangladesh Bank.
  • b) Participation Agreement into the Refinancing scheme for Green Products / Initiatives: On September 13, 2017, we have signed Participation Agreement with Bangladesh Bank under refinance scheme for lending in green product/initiatives (e.g. investment in sectors like Renewable Energy, Green Brick Manufacturing and Waste Management etc.).
  • c) Refinancing Scheme for TECHNOLOGY DEVELOPMENT /UPGRADATION of EXPORT ORIENTED INDUSTRIES: NRB Bank Ltd. has signed a participating agreement with Bangladesh Bank on 25.02.2021 for a newly developed Refinance Fund of BDT 1000.00 crore for "Technology Development / Up-gradation of Export Oriented Industries" to increase/develop the capacity of the export oriented industries aligned with the development roadmap of 2021

Greening the financial system will determine how Bangladesh faces its environmental challenges throughout the pathway of growth. Since Green transformation of major sectors of the economy through environmentally responsible production depends on both the public and private sector financing in favor of Sustainable Finance, NRB Bank Limited as a responsible new generation Bank is committed towards substantial direct Green financing for accelerating the Green growth in the country.