About Agent Banking

NRB Bank Limited is a 4th Generation Commercial Bank upholding the concept of Migrants' Sponsored Banking (MSB) system, a banking structure in which initial capital are funded by non-resident nationals (NNs). Bangladesh, being the pioneer in introducing migrants sponsored banking system, is heading towards its basic and broad objective of reducing dependency on international financial institutes. NRB Bank (Non-resident Bangladeshis Bank) is a proud member of this brilliant concept.

Globally and domestically, Agent Banking is being increasingly utilized as important distribution channels for Financial Inclusion now a days. Considering the scenario of the development of Agent Banking activities, NRB Bank has entered into this prospective realm of such Branchless Banking Model which will enable the Bank to serve the unbanked people of the country as well as the existing customers of the Bank.

Within Bangladesh Bank stipulated time-frame, NRB Bank started its Agent Banking operation on 06th May, 2018 at Amtoli Bazar, Bijoynagar Upazila in Brahmanbaria District and at Boroibari Bazar, Kaliakoir Upazila in Gazipur District on 07th June, 2018 on pilot basis. Later, The Honorable Chairman of the Bank, Mr. Mohammed Mahtabur Rahman, formally inaugurated the operations of NRB Bank Agent Banking (Bondhu Agent Banking) on 22 July, 2018 at Balinga Bazar, Beani Bazar, Sylhet. Besides its Master and Unit Agents, NRB Bank has also decided to expand its channel through Digital Centers. Consequently, NRB Bank and the Government’s a2i Programme under ICT Ministry have already signed an agreement on 31 July, 2018 to provide and ensure banking services to the underserved, marginalized and unbanked people of rural and semi urban area under Agent Banking Channel through Digital Centers.

Eligibility for an Entity to become NRBBL Agent

  • An Agent should be a juristic person;
  • He/she has to possess a business license or permit for any lawful business activity;
  • He/she has to possess at least one year of experience (minimum last one year) on ongoing basis;
  • He/she has to be socially accepted;
  • He/she has to be financially sound for running Agent Banking business smoothly;
  • He/she has to possess managerial, financial and technical expertise for managing Agent Banking Outlets;
  • The Agent must have at least two persons (a manager and a teller) with required managerial and financial expertise for this purpose and one counter for cash transaction.

Non Eligibility

  • Bank related persons as defined in section 26M of the Bank-Company Act, 1991. Bank officials will not be eligible to become an agent in the same bank within 1 (one) year of his/her retirement or resignation;
  • Defaulters with any bank or financial institution;
  • Bankrupts;
  • Convicted by a court of law, up to 3 (three) years after completion of sentences or penalties;
  • Under investigation for any criminal charges;
  • Under investigation or convicted of money laundering or terrorist financing activities;
  • Under investigation of the Anti-Corruption Commission.

An agent may provide any of the following services as may be specifically agreed between it and the bank:

  • Cash deposit and cash withdrawal;
  • Inward foreign remittance disbursement;
  • Disbursement and repayment of loans;
  • Collections of bills/utility bills;
  • Collection of insurance premium;
  • Payment of retirement and social benefits;
  • Payment of salaries;
  • Transfer of funds;
  • Balance enquiry;
  • Generation and issuance of mini bank statements;
  • Collection of documents in relation to accounts;
  • Collect account opening forms, loan application forms, credit and debit card applications;
  • Monitoring and recovery of loans and advances sanctioned by the bank; and
  • Any other activity as Bangladesh Bank may prescribe from time to time.

An agent shall not:

  • Enter into agent banking contract with more than one bank.
  • Operate or carry out an electronic transaction when there is communication failure/error in the system;
  • Carry out a transaction when a transactional receipt or acknowledgement cannot be generated;
  • Charge customers directly any fee beyond banks’ prescribed fees;
  • Offer any type of guarantee in favor of any customer;
  • Offer banking services on its own accord (provide banking services on its own account similar to those provided by it under an agency contract) or offer services that the principal is not authorized to offer;
  • Continue with the agency business when it has a criminal record or disciplinary case involving fraud, dishonesty or any other financial impropriety;
  • Provide, render or hold itself out to be providing or rendering any financial service which is not specifically permitted in the contract;
  • Open accounts, grant loans or carry out any appraisal function for purposes of opening an account or granting of a loan or any other facility;
  • Make debit or credit transactions using cheque;
  • Transact in foreign currency;
  • Representing the bank in any means to a third party without written consent from the bank; and
  • Be run or managed by a bank’s employee or its associate.

In general, the maximum number and volume of transactions for client at NRBBL Agent Banking Outlet will not exceed the limits specified in the following table:

Daily Number of Transactions and Amount Limit
Nature of Accounts Cash Deposit Cash Withdrawal Transfer/BEFTN/Inter-bank/Intra-bank
No. of transactions Total Volume No. of transactions Total Volume No. of transactions Total Volume
Current Account 4 6.00 2 5.00 4 15.00
Savings Account 2 4.00 2 3.00 2 5.00
Special Notice Deposit (SND) 4 6.00 2 3.00 4 10.00

Transactions beyond the established limits may also be carried but this shall require at least 1 (one) working day prior notice to the bank through the agent.

In special cases, when a client has need for regular banking transactions exceeding the above-mentioned limits, bank may set an increased limit for that client with due approval from the Managing Director/Chief Executive Officer of the bank. The increase must be prudent, rational and must accord the merit of the account and client and transaction category based on customer due diligence, client needs and associated risks.

  • E-mail: callcenter@nrbbankbd.com;
  • Web: www.nrbbankbd.com;
  • 24 hours Call Center: 09666456000 or, 16568.

List of NRBBL Agent Banking Outlets at the end of the year 2018

Agent Sl no. Name of Agent Type of Agent
(Master / Unit)
Address of outlet
1 Bandhan Trade & Commerce Unit Vill: Amtoli Bazar, Post: Satgaon, Bijoynagar, B. Baria
3 Chowdhury Enterprise Unit Vill: Balinga, Post: Balinga Bazar, Beani Bazar, Sylhet
4 Sat Tara Rent-A-Car Master Golora Bus Stand, Dhankora,Saturia, Manikganj
5 M/S Azim Traders Unit Chatiyangram Bazar, Adamdighi, Bogura
6 M/S Hafij Traders Unit Monohorpur Bazar, Jashore Sadar Upazilla, Jashore
7 Sat Tara Rent-A-Car Master Bathuli Bazar, Dhamrai, Dhaka.
8 Yaad Morshed Enterprise Unit Mantala Station Bazar, Mantala, Madhabpur, Habiganj.
9 Sat Tara Rent-A-Car Master Barobaria Bazar, Dhamrai, Dhaka.
10 M/S. Muhammad Ali Jinnah Master Haragach Bazar, Kaunia, Rangpur.
11 02 No. Baganbari Union Digital Center Unit 02 No. Baganbari Union Parishad, Motlob North, Chandpur
12 02 No. Forazikandi Union Digital Center Unit Tapdarpara, 12 No. Forazikandi Union Digital Center, Motlob North, Chandpur
13 Durgapur Union Digital Center Unit Durgapur Union Parishad, Matlab North, Chandpur
14 Fatehpur (East) Union Digital Center Unit Fatehpur (East)Union Parishad, Matlab North, Chandpur
15 Ekhlaspur Union Digital Center Unit Ekhlaspur Union Parishad, Matlab North, Chandpur
16 Gazra Union Digital Center Unit Gazra Union Parishad Matlab North, Chandpur
17 13 No. Islamabad Union Digital Center Unit 13 No. Islamabad Union Digital Center, Sujatpur, Nondolal, Matlab North, Chandpur
18 Jahirabad Union Digital Center Unit 9 No. Jahirabad Union Digital Center, Matlab North, Chandpur
19 Mohanpur Union Digital Center Unit 7 No. Mohonpur Union Digital Center, Matlab North, Chandpur
20 3 No Sadullapur Union Digital Center Unit 3 No Sadullapur Union Digital Center, Matlab North,chandpur
21 Shatnol Union Digital Center Unit Shatnol Union Digital Center,Shatnol Bazar, Matlab North, Chandpur
22 Sultanabad Union Digital Center Unit Sultanabad Union Parishad, Matlab North, Chandpur
23 Poshchim Fotehpur Union Digital Center Unit Poshchim Fotehpur Union Parishad, Naori,Bazar, Matlab North, Chandpur
24 06 No. Kalakanda Union Digital Center Unit 06 No. Kalakanda Union Parishad, Matlab South, Chandpur
25 Khadergaon Union Digital Center Unit Khadergaon Union Parishad, Matlab South, Chandpur
26 Narayanpur Union Digital Center Unit 4 No Narayanpur Union Parishad, Matlab South, Chandpur
27 05 No. Uttar Upadi Union Digital Center Unit 05 No Upadi Uttar Parishad, Bohri, Matlab South, Chandpur
28 Dakshin Nayergaon Union Digital Center Unit Dokkhin Nayergaon Union Parishad, Matlab, South, Chandpur
29 Dakshin Upadi Union Digital Center Unit Dakshin Upadi Union Parishad, Matlab, South, Chandpur
30 Nayergaon Uttar Union Digital Ctenter Unit 01 No Nayergaon Uttar Union Parishad, Matlab South, Chandpur