Card Disputes:

  • Cardholder submit Card and transaction related dispute to NRBB branch or Call center.
  • Branch/Call Center forward the dispute claim to ADC operations through ADC Ops service desk system.

Dispute Resolution:

  • ADC Operations investigate the dispute and arrange to resolve within shortest possible of time.
  • ADC Operations will resolve general card related disputes within 3 to 7 working days
  • ADC Operations will resolve Card transaction related disputes within 10 to 180 days as per transaction network time line. (Standard time frame: * NRBB Network 7 working Days, * Q-Cash Network 30 Days, * VISA Network 10 to 180 Days, * NPSB Network 10 to 30 Days.)
  • Branch/Call center will be automatically informed via reply mail through ADC Operations Service Desk system once request is resolve/closed in system.

Officials for Dispute Resolutions: