NRB Bank Ltd., always acknowledges the significance of Green Banking or environmentally responsible Banking which not only improve own standards but also affect socially responsible behavior of other business to save environment. From the beginning of the establishment of the Bank, we started Green Transformation of Internal Operations and introduced Green Banking Products like E-Statement, Internet Banking, and Online Banking in our Bank. Our Management has always stressed upon environment friendly initiatives, such as minimizing paper works both for internal and external communication, carbon emissions, conserve energy and water as much as possible, thus achieving efficiency in a cost-effective manner across the organization.

During the year 2015, we formed Green Banking Unit having responsibility of designing, evaluating, and administering related Green Banking issues of the Banks and issued separate ‘Green Banking Policy’ as per guidelines of Bangladesh Bank. During 2016, we have issued ‘Green Office Guide’ to be aligned with our mainstream Banking activities.

Online Banking:

Online Banking system is a great way to reduce paper consumption. NRB Bank’s Online Banking service is extended to all branches, ATM’s booths.

Internet Banking & E-Banking:

We have introduced Internet Banking and Electronic Banking services for the customers from almost the beginning of our establishment. Customers can get the access of Internet Banking and Electronic Banking services through Desktop browser, Mobile browser and downloading the Apps. Customers receive following services with the help of Internet Banking and E-Banking-

  • View account information from Current, Savings, Fixed Deposit and Term Deposit Account
  • View Loan Account information
  • View account statement (e-statement
  • Manage cheque books
  • View clearing cheque status
  • View detailed information of Loan Account disbursement and repayment schedule of the loan
  • Transfer funds from their NRBBL accounts to other local bank accounts through BEFTN (BEFTN decreases paper-based payment methods and encourage electronic payment methods for secured, faster & cost-effective transactions.) & RTGS.
  • Pay utility, credit cards, internet and mobile bills/top-up instantly.
  • Receive e-Statements any time electronically and can check accounts anytime with an active internet connection.
  • Get addresses, maps, driving directions, and banking hours for the NRB Bank branches and ATM network locations.
  • Get SMS alert service

Phone Banking

The Bank established 24/7 Call Centre to provide improved and enhanced Phone Banking services to the customers over the phone. Phone Banking services helps to reduce the use of paper-based statements and carbon emission as the customers don’t need to visit the branches.

Debit & Credit Cards

We provide Debit & Credit cards to our customers which helps to reduce the use of paper and carbon emission in different ways.

Leed Certified Green Head Office:

NRB Bank is housed in a Leed (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) certified Green Building (Simple Tree Anarkali, 89 Gulshan Avenue, Gulshan-1, Dhaka) with the most efficient utility, energy and resources systems. It is the first LEED certified Core & Shell project in Bangladesh. Here corporate environment responsibilities are embodied through energy efficiency, water conservation and sustainable framework for corporate identities-

Water Efficient Landscaping:

The forecourt of our Head Office is established with a landscape that complements 65.83 percent of the roof that are vegetated. Irrigation is largely achieved through captured rainwater and recycled grey water. The project achieves 25 percent reduction in storm water runoff and 41 percent reduction in potable water use while 116 percent of wastewater on site is treated to tertiary standard.

Optimize Energy Performance:

In terms of energy consumption the building system achieves 12.57 percent reduction in energy cost. The intelligent use of double low-e, ceramic fritted glazing panel along the west facade maintains the required SHGC (solar heat gain coefficient) value while exhibiting an urban scale artwork along the boulevard. To maximize energy performance and reduce the impact on the environment from excessive energy the building has daylight harvesting, occupant sensing lighting control and energy efficient lighting. As a result, total energy consumption has been reduced by a significant level.

Water Use Reduction:

To maximize indoor water efficiency and reduce the burden on the municipal water supply and wastewater systems, the building utilizes low-flow fixtures including water closets and sinks. As a result, the building’s calculated water consumption has been reduced significantly.

As a whole NRB Bank Ltd. believes that the long term success and existence of our Bank is directly linked to the health and quality of the natural environment. We endeavor to continuously improve our environmental performance, reduce greenhouse gas emission, carbon footprint, and prevent pollution by adopting and promoting renewable resources, resource efficient products, community outreach, awareness and education.