Features of Transaction Banking

Cash Management Services:

NRB Bank Limited offers a wide range of cash management services to meet the specific requirements of the clients. These services are flexible and customizable as per the requirements of the different clients. Within a very short span of time, we have been able to establish our foothold very sharply by providing different types of collection solutions to the different types of organizations such as Government organizations, autonomous bodies, large local conglomerates, developments organizations, MNCs etc.

The main services of the Transaction Banking Division in NRB Bank Limited include:

Transactional Services:

This is one of the core services provided by the Cash Management team which facilitates the clients in carrying out their day-to-day transactions through the different types of accounts from the product line of the bank such as current accounts, SND accounts etc.

Corporate Current Account:

It’s a non-interest-bearing corporate account usually used for carrying out day to day transactions of a corporate house.

Deposit Facility:

NRB Bank Limited offers highly competitive deposit rates in the form of different products catering to the investment and transactional requirements of the clients such as short- and long-term investments, employees’ provident fund, gratuity fund, employee welfare fund etc. Apart from the pricing our competitive edge also lies on our service standards which enhances our value offerings.

Short Notice Deposit Account (SND):

It’s an interest-bearing corporate account with interest being calculated on a daily basis and being credited to the account on half yearly basis.

Fixed/Term Deposit Account:

This caters to the long-term investments of the clients through offering deposits schemes of different tenors with highly competitive deposit rates.

High-Value CASA Account:

High-Value Account is a type of account that caters to customers with a high net worth. It offers various benefits and privileges such as personalized services, higher transaction limits, priority access to banking facilities, and dedicated relationship managers.

Nationwide Collection Service (NCS):

Nationwide Collection Service facilitates large corporate houses to collect funds from their clients through NRB Bank Limited’s own branch network and credit the same to their single collection account maintained with the bank. The bank’s wide outlet coverage all over Bangladesh has been able to facilitate large corporates in collecting funds and servicing their own clients on time and efficiently. NRB Bank Limited also facilitates the clients with its NCS Software which facilitates them with real-time online transaction data through the integration with their system.

Secured Cash Service (SCS):

Customized secure cash collection services are provided to corporate bodies under which the Bank usually sets up desks/counters at the specified locations all throughout the different cities to cater to the collections of its corporate clients and later deposits the collected funds in the respective account of the client.

Payment Transfer Solution (PTS):

Payment Transfer Solution services facilitates organizations in remitting their funds to their desired locations and make their required payments efficiently and promptly.

Cash Pick up and Drop service:

Cash pick up and drop service facilitates safe and secure cash pick up and drop services from/to the clients’ office premises. The entire process is supported by a self-sufficient logistic setup that is in line with international standards. It offers the clients with security, convenience and flexible pick-up and delivery times.

NRB Click:

It’s wallet of NRB Bank which is incorporated with main bank account of the customer. From Click the Clients can pay the fees instantly.

Scanning QR Code:

NRB Bank will provide the clients Bangla QR which can be scanned from different Bank account/wallets. The real time transaction will appear and the amount will be credited to the designated bank of Clients.

Reporting and MIS:

NRB Bank shall provide customize collection and payment report for record and reconciliation purpose as required by the Client.

Relationship Management:

NRB Bank has earned a reputation for its quality-personalized services. Recognizing the fundamental role of relationship banking and ensuring uninterrupted services, there will be dedicated relationship manager for Clients’ primary contact at the bank.

Straight Banking (Internet Banking -Web and App based):

NRB Bank Limited Cash Management team also provides a smart straight banking (internet banking) system to its corporate clients through which it facilitates the following:

  • Card Summary
  • Secured and real-time online transaction view for more effective cash management.
  • Transaction history retrieval.
  • Enables downloading of account statements in different file formats.

Our Straight Banking Portal offers a range of features and benefits, including:

  • Secure and convenient banking: Enjoy peace of mind with our password-protected banking system.
  • Anytime, anywhere access: Access your bank account whenever and wherever it suits you.
  • Seamless fund transfers: Perform regular fund transfers, such as EFTN and RTGS, at any time.
  • Automated payment management: Easily channelize or cancel automatic payments.
  • Comprehensive account management: Keep track of your bank balance, recent transactions, statements, and more.
  • Customized reporting: Download reports tailored to your specific needs.
  • Quick bill payments: Process bill payments with ease and efficiency.
  • Holistic financial overview: Monitor payments, personal loans, home loans, business loans, savings accounts, and more.